Positive Reinforcement Training.

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Bitten off more than you can chew?

New addition to the family dynamic? Still trying to figure each other out? Avoid making a dog's breakfast while getting yours settled into a new home.

At the end
of your rope?

Get a handle on things outdoors. In a big world, narrow in on your dog's outdoor triggers. Let's develop a toolkit to send you and your dog on a journey to success.

Running out
of patience?

Leaving your dog home alone, or having guests over, doesn't need to be a marathon of stress. Need steps to keep your dog calm, occupied and comfortable so your day-to-day runs smoothly?

Always looking to support you.

Rest assured. Reinforcements is hands-on experienced, certified, and dedicated to the overall betterment of you and yours.

15 Years

Industry experience


Certified trainer

It's a ruff job,
and I love it!

The more I get to know dogs, the more I love working with them. With over 15 years of industry experience from pet stores to grooming to day care to dog hotels, seeing a dog's 'two tails' when working and training them is more than a passion, it's my career! So, since I've pretty much seen and dealt with it all, know I have you covered.I'm fully KPA CTP certified (learn more). I'm an advocate for force-free positive reinforcement. It's simply the scientifically proven best method at the forefront of modern training practices.My goal? To bring out your dog's 'two tails' for you, and help guide you and your dog's training. Build a better bond, communicate, and navigate life together better. You have Reinforcement's support when you need it.

- Rae-Dawn Zuckerman

Just a few I've aided.


"She's our rescue and didn't have any training when we adopted her at 9 months old. Nina was completely overstimulated outdoors. We crossed paths with Rae-Dawn, and through positive methods she taught us how to focus attention when on-leash and work towards recall with our high prey driven dog. Nina now lives her best life indoors and outdoors."

- Bradley & Caroline


"When I rescued Lina she settled into our home but was hesitant around other dogs. She would shy away and didn't want to play much. We worked at socializing her but without much progress. I got referred to Rae-Dawn and she worked her magic. Now Lina is just another one of the pack when we go for our groups walks. It's awesome!"

- Charlotte


"When we got Sunday and I found myself struggling to get the little one settled into our home. I also wanted to make sure we got the training right from the get go. We already knew Rae-Dawn. Her help was so easy and friendly that we're as happy as Sunday is. Our day-to-day is going wonderfully thanks to Rae-Dawn."

- Anna

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Get a personalized plan that, when applied consistently, pomotes a better bond and day-to-day routine for you and your dog.

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I'm ready to go, are you? I require a bit of information to understand what direction we're headed, and with your basic contact information I aim to reach out to you in within 1 business day.Don't worry about the particulars of your situation. It's easiest to discuss things more thoroughly during conversation. I looking forward to hearing from you.

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